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images above are randomized
and added, uploaded files
of original artwork
from folders found on hard drives
in an organic and experimentally
ecological utopian effort e-specially

additional galleries

digital patterns
A contemporary pop-Up
web gallery page…

a popUp
Another work in progress, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4 coding…

a New(wip)
With UX/UI design in the mind in developments…

a folio
Small collection of a few selected featured images on IT portfolio.

Digital Future:
Future minimal, in creative works of oil pastel w/minor digital implements.

Instragram feed.

curation when the time finds…
or the stars aligns…

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SDTho | Samuel D. Thomson
artwork found on is open for trade and exchange in negotiation determining the ecological health of any natural habitat or micro-climate in any immediate environment and detecting the precise amount and quality of natural resource or native species that each habitat can gain to restore and flourish.
utopia may not be a place after all tho...

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