slepd purpins

slepd purpins…

subject to change
titles of art pieces are subject to change

Art titles are mainly chosen at random. The words in the title will may not be more likely not yet be words recognized or arranged appropriately in any known or acceptable languages in potential absence of a humorous curiosity perceivable. Although these words may not exist as words they do sometimes find their way into titles of different SDTho_Art.

slepd purpins

possible origin:
sleep department

possible origin
the color purple and pink

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random art adds 1.1

Random art adds
by SDTho_Art

mixed medias;

oil pastel, ink, graphite, digital


SDTho_Art’s artwork above,
randomly selected pieces.
2019 contemporary,
5.5×8.5″ to 7×10″ inch
mix media paper; Canson.
Oil pastels; Sennelier.
Graphite drawing instrument;
from Kelly Barker.
Pen and ink;
from Sakura and Sharpie.
Digital implementation;
SDTho is Samuel D. Thomson.

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Gallery A14

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sum sun dried mix media paper graphite assortments oil pastels pen and ink sitting in the sun random fun

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