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social introversion engineering inclination

social introversion

social media extroversion natural existence modern nihilism random measures mindful proceedings wording translation from foreign articles persistence privately pertaining towards found directional travel dimensional within set guidelines for an infinite version of perception over parking around where it was found from the begging and yet frowned while moving back away in each direction as rather finds needed mentally exceeding that which came before though and although it may have at once been something that one may have once read to discuss in nature sitting along a stream on a beach and listening to the leaves look at each other without repeating what we have been trying to avoid to get back to what is taken continuously although if repeating again in alternative forms could be impactful without waiting for patience to continue but gather up the rest of how they often tell it from form to a space or liquid to be processed internally in another moment next time when there is also a version to make due or positively gain adherence for a set set of settings in the options panel. It could also add one part at the end so not to or so.

engineering inclination


random art adds 1.1

Random art adds
by SDTho_Art

mixed medias;

oil pastel, ink, graphite, digital


SDTho_Art’s artwork above,
randomly selected pieces.
2019 contemporary,
5.5×8.5″ to 7×10″ inch
mix media paper; Canson.
Oil pastels; Sennelier.
Graphite drawing instrument;
from Kelly Barker.
Pen and ink;
from Sakura and Sharpie.
Digital implementation;
SDTho is Samuel D. Thomson.

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gallery A14


Gallery A14

Gallery A14… galleryandum random ran dumb galleryandum…
sum sun dried mix media paper graphite assortments oil pastels pen and ink sitting in the sun random fun

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fizzy – mixed media abstract


mixed media abstract

mixed media art

ink and oil pastels

on 5.5×8.5 inch
mix media paper

mixed media abstract


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